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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  September 6, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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shark sightings on the rise. should you change your labor day plans. >> grieving friends come together for the victims of a bay area killing spree. the message they want to send to the community. good labor day morning to you, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> what are you doing working on labor day? >> laboring. >> i'm garvin thomas in for bre brent, ria taormina has a look at the holiday forecast. >> take a look outside, clear skies throughout the entire bay area, even along the coast and
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the bear area around the bay where we always have clouds in the morning. this afternoon it will be down right hot inland, mid 90s, sunny at the ocean beaches. tomorrow, of course, along with the first unofficial day of fall, there's big cooling ahead. right now our overnight numbers are warm. we didn't go that low. 56 in oakland. 59 down in san jose. more coming up in your weather in a bit. back to you guys. thank you very much. mike inouye is off, so we will follow traffic for you. we expect it to be holiday light, if anything comes up, we'll let you know. this labor day weekend thousands of people are enjoying a long weekend at the beach but a recent string of white shark sightings in the bay area and a few close encounters has some people thinking twice about going into the water. the most recent sighting of a white shark happened last thursday in sonoma county. a few weeks before that, off the coast of san mateo county, a kayaker was attacked.
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then last week a great white shark was spotted near a beach in pacifica. that's where nbc bay area's monte francis picks up the story. as the sun set, the surf was just too much to resist on this holiday weekend for many at linda mar beach in pacifica. both novice and expert surfers well aware of what could be lurking just beneath them, just yards away. >> i know there are sharks around, but the likelihood of someone actually getting attacked is very small. so i'm not too scared. >> reporter: last week a surfer caught this video of a fin belonging to what witnesses claim was a large great white shark feeding on a sea lion just 200 yards from the beach. >> this thing obviously was feeding here. so you never know if it will come back or not. and my whole mindset is okay, just wait a while. >> reporter: at a beach near bodega bay last thursday witnesses reported a similar sighting, a great white also eating a sea lion. and a few weeks ago a shark went after a kayak in san mateo county. the man inside the kayak was not hurt. the assistant curator at the aquarium of the bay in san
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francisco told us shark sightings are common in the bay area this time of year. in fact, the large seven-gill shark on display at the aquarium was caught last month near alcatraz. but he says shark attacks on humans are rare. >> obviously, there have been documented cases of shark attacks. but again, at the same time there are also statistics that will say you're more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be, you know, bitten by a shark. >> reporter: experts also say many varieties of sharks visit the northern california coast. particularly between august and december. >> it's not uncommon for them to come into the bay, particularly right underneath the golden gate bridge into the mouth of the bay. they will come in there to feed off sea lions. >> reporter: mon monte francis,c bay area news. there have been more sightings of great white sharks this summer than usual. they say that should be a reminder to anyone who goes into the water this labor day weekend
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to be careful. this morning police will be at a landfill searching for the body of a missing man, frederick sales. if his body is found he would likely be the fifth victim of a killing spree last week. dozens of people gathered in the east bay to honor the lives of four people killed in that killing spree. kimberly tere reports on the message. >> reporter: a vigil sunday night drew people from all over contra costa county. some who knew the murder victims. >> she was a devoted mother. >> reporter: others who just want to support the families. >> it's heartbreaking. it's very heartbreaking. ♪ >> reporter: five candles were lit to remember the lives lost, one for each of the four victims, one for the man accused of taking their lives. >> we are not judgmental. we are not here to judge people
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for what they have done. we're here to promote the peacefulness within our community. >> he loved deeply, and his life was complex for him, and he just cracked. and that doesn't make him a bad person. >> reporter: efren valdemoro was shot laand killed by chp officers last tuesday after a high-speed chase. inside his car police found 46-year-old cindy tran strangled to death. police are also linking him to the murder of 73-year-old ricardo sales, who was found beaten to death in the house where he rented a room from tran. police say the other two ve victims were found dead at a vallejo home. rumors of a love triangle have not been proven, and a statement
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from the two boys ranging from 13 to 21 was read on their behalf. >> we now realize how precious and short and fragile life really is. so appreciate the ones you love because you never know when they'll be taken away. we truly love our mom with all our hearts, and we know she's looking over us at this very moment. >> reporter: kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. family and friends of cindy tran set up a fund for her sons if you're interested in donating head to any wells fargo bank and ask for the cindy tran memorial fund. a livermore man is behind bars after police say he stabbed his son 11 times. investigators say 48-year-old gary gomez was on a light-night fishing trip with his wife, 14-year-old son and two of his sons friends when an argument broke out between father and son. the two got into a fist fight, but then gomez allegedly pulled out his fishing knife and started stabbing his son. he also alleged by stabbed his wife in the hand when she tried
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to stop the fight. the boy is expected to survive. in san francisco lawmakers are considering a proposal to increase taxes on alcohol. on tuesday the board of supervisors is set to vote on a plan that would place a fee on alcohol distributors. the plan would add a couple of cents to the equivalent of a bottle of beer, glass of wine or a well drink. the idea is to cover some $17 million in unreimbursed health care costs related to alcohol abuse. the fee would apply to wholesalers who sell alcohol in san francisco. critics say the cost will be passed on to consumers, which will hurt business. the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer and then trying to flee to meblxicos due in court this week. 20-year-old andrew barrientos is scheduled to be formally charged in an oakland court on tuesday. police say he shot todd young several times in oakland last friday when young tried to arrest him. 24 hours later, barrientos was arrested just 30 feet from the mexican
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border after investigators tracked him through his cell phone. he told police he did not know the man he shot was a police officer. young was in plain clothes the day of the shooting. young is now recovering from a string of surgeries. labor day traditionally marks the start of the campaign season, and democratic candidate for governor jerry brown is set to start advertising and canvassing the state tomorrow. he's scheduled to make appearances in alameda, los angeles and sacramento. his rival, meg whitman, has no public events. meantime, a few members of the california chamber of commerce are stepping down after the board voted to endorse whitman. the community college chancellor who resigned on friday called the endorsement destructive to the chamber's core mission. the president of the university of california system, mark udoff, also left the board. he said that his position in education prevents him from taking political sides. well, we have one more day left in this three-day weekend. people want to know what it's going to be like. should i get outside? ria taormina is here to let them
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know. >> you should certainly get outside. this is the last hot one for a while. clear skies throughout the bay area, whether it's the beaches, inland, along the bay. hot in san francisco, even the overnight numbers are not getting cool. still in the mid to high 60s. 56 oakland, 58 hayward. down in san jose, almost 60 degrees. a bit of a temperature change from yesterday especially in north bay. appalachian a degree or two warmer here. the winds are calm. that's a big within of why the temperatures are going to be so warm today. we'll be at 80 or above in san francisco. take a look at the coast. no clouds out there. very light marine layer. there is a storm well to the north of us. more on that and the cooling coming over the next couple of days. look at today's highs, 90s inland. in the 70s, high 70s along the coast. there's a big drop tomorrow, at least ten degrees.
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more on that in a bit. the time is 4:39. the cost of losing your home. see how it can weigh on more than your finances. and as the president's poll numbers slide, democrats now turn to another person in the white house for help. the first lady. could the move pay off for democrats in november? and check out these birds. we'll tell you where you can see these baby pink flamingos and why their p so unusual.
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good morning. happy labor day morning. looking live at the bay bridge, not too many cars streaming across the span. mike inouye is off this morning because we expect things to be holiday light. if anything changes, we'll let you know. an investigation by the british newspaper the sunday times says iran is directly funding the taliban to attack u.s. forces in afghanistan. they say five companies have bet on construction contracts financed by foreign donors and some of that money comes back through kabul and is paid to taliban commanders. tom aspell has more from afghanistan. >> the sunday times investigation says that over the past six months b $100,000 has been transferred to the taliban in the province. it follows a treasurer who comes down from the province and picks up the money and cash.
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he's told the sunday times that the taliban is paying up to $1,000 for every dead american and $6,000 for the destruction of any armored vehicle belonging to the american forces. it is known in the past and foreign intelligence agencies do confirm that iran has supplied some materials and weapons for taliban fighters in certain parts of afghanistan, but this is a major investigation conducted by the british sunday times, and it says that if true, this is iran directly funding the taliban to attack american forces. now, western intelligence agencies and afghan intelligence officials say this has been going on for at least six months, and they're looking into iranian companies now based in kabul. in kabul, tom aspell, nbc bay area news. this morning president obama is back at white house after spending time at camp david. republicans sense victory in november and spent the day attacking democrats on the sunday news talk shows. the number one issue is the economy and with growth still
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sluggish and the jobless rate high, democrats are in danger of losing seats. the president plans to do his part by traveling to several states this week to sell his party's plan to create jobs and get the economy moving again. republicans say that trip is more about politics than about action. now, while the president gears up for the effort to keep democrats in control of congress, many candidates are looking for a helping hand from his wife. >> may god bless the ship and all who sail in her. >> reporter: when it comes to poll ratings, michelle obama truly is the president's better half. she has remained consistently more popular than her husband, in part by staying above the partisan fray and taking up non-partisan causes as a champion for military families and a leader in the fight against childhood obesity. but now mrs. obama is set to raise her political profile. facing the prospect of massive losses in november,
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congressional democrats have issued a distress call. send us michelle. at first their pleas were rebuffed. but with prospects getting worse by the day they asked again, and this time the answer was yes. details are still up in the air. but aides stress mrs. obama will not go on the attack. >> the risk is that she could be seen as polarizing and partisan, and that could hurt her because she's tried so hard to remain above the fray in advocating for her causes. so she doesn't want to get down into the campaign muck. >> reporter: but whether her edge is soft or hard, mrs. obama is not immune to criticism. she took hits for her trip with daughter sasha to a posh spanish resort this summer. even a series of cultural events in the white house east room, including a new dance series to begin this week, have been labeled elitist by republicans. but this fall a popular mrs. obama will add to her two roles of mother and advocate with a third. >> with your help and unwavering
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support -- >> reporter: political campaigner. >> the american people have looked at her. they like her a great deal. in fact, you know, my guess is the president would swap favorable ratings with his wife in a heartbeat. >> this morning there are more questions regarding craigslist's sudden decision to remove its adult services section. outside the home office in san francisco, anonymous homemade posters reading censored and legalized craig list hung on the gate who put them there is unknown yet, as is why they have not been taken down. officials from craigslist still are not talking, but critics of the adult services category are. >> we are thankful that craigslist has shut down its adult services section. and we believe that act really lessens the suffering of so many girls who are being sold for sex. >> last month attorneys generals in 17 states wrote a joint letter to craigslist demanding
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they remove the adult services section. experts argue that shutting down the section won't prevent illegal activities, it will only drive it to other areas of craigslist and other areas of the web. foreclosures bad for your wallet and now hurting your health? researchers in the bay area found the stress of losing your home can make you physically ill, and in some cases even shorten your life. vicky nguyen has more. >> reporter: chanting from a foreclosure hot spot, people in east and west oakland calling attention to the scientific data backing what they have known all along. >> we are in a fight. we are in fight for our lives. >> reporter: researchers surveyed nearly 400 people who live in two oakland neighborhoods, they found a third of those who live in foreclosed properties are dealing with unhealthy living conditions such as mold, and people in these areas die on average ten years sooner.
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>> the rates of depression and anxiety is two times higher. >> my kitchen is like a river. as soon as you put the water on it leaks. >> reporter: this renter said he never knew his landlord was in foreclosure until a realtor showed up. he said his calls to the new owner of the home, deutsche bank, are unanswered. >> i've been to the hospital because of this issue. i'm stressed. i had battery of tests. >> reporter: housing advocacy groups and the alameda public health department says the link between foreclosures and sickness is eroding neighborhoods decades old. >> this will leave a legacy of poor health, of stress, of increased violence, and despair. >> reporter: they hope the results of this report will spur change soon. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. health leaders say the next step is working to change laws such as prohibiting companies from automatically shutting off
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utilities and mandatory loan mediation. today is labor day, if you have the day off, we're very happy for you. >> good for you. >> here is the lovely forecast with ria. >> it's a good day to have off. great weather. warm temperatures. before 5:00 in the morning, we didn't go down low. 56 in oakland, 58 hayward. 59 san jose. even san francisco is almost where it would be at its highs for the day. a bit warmer than it was 24 hours ago in most areas. the winds have to the changed. very calm throughout. a lot of our breezes off the coast have calmed down. there are no clouds along the coast for the entire bay area. look outside, there's plenty of clear skies. it will be a beautiful day. it will be hot inland. mid to higher 90s in most spots out there. in the 70s along the oceans, the 80s around the bay. tuesday, there's a big cooldown coming tomorrow for the first unofficial day of fall. taking a look at our coastline,
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you can see on satellite picture, not many clouds. a bit of a storm brewing to the north that will be coming down north sometime tomorrow. looking ahead at 8:00 this morning, things have not cooled off much, so they will be getting warm quickly. close to 65, by lunch time we will be in the 80s in san jose, 75 in oakland. things will be nice throughout the day and look at these numbers, by 4:00, we will be in the mid 80s in redwood city. 77 oakland. 88, close to 90 in san jose. thinking about taking off throughout the state, it's 105 in palm springs today. close to 100 at 97 in fresno. even along the water, 80 degrees. sacramento, pretty hot at 96. even south lake tahoe is nice, looking at our seven-day forecast, that's right. the mid 90s. along with the last unofficial day of summer goes those warm, warm temperatures. even along the coast, mid to high 70s.
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things cool down about 10, 15 degrees depending on where you are tomorrow. then it will be feeling down-right fall-like on wednesday. things will be warming up a bit, but before next weekend, a big cooldown. >> thank you very much. the new fall tv season starts in two weeks, along with "chuck" and "chase" nbc will have another monday night drama, "the event." it is billed as a hybrid of lost and "24" but it's title is shrouded in mystery. >> he's going to tell them about the event. >> reporter: the promos have been teasing viewers all summer. but the show's cast is in almost the same boat as viewers. >> we don't know what the event is. basically we're in the dark. >> reporter: jason ritter stars in this thriller, he plays sean walker a computer programmer sucked into a conspiracy, one
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with personal and global implications. >> he's a good guy, trying to figure out how to survive these impossible circumstances. >> reporter: details of those circumstances are tightly guarded. >> i'm president of the united states. >> reporter: so is background information on characters. >> i need to know. >> at the top of that page, it says do not share with anyone, including other cast members. >> reporter: on some theories, the information is held back because the show creators are figuring it out themselves, but cast members are confident that's not the cast here. >> let's evacuate. >> the show producers and create ver creates have figured this out. >> it's nice to know somebody is driving this bus. >> reporter: or, in this case, flying the plane. >> the first episode is the corners, and now we fill in the little pieces. >> reporter: the audience will
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soon see -- >> i haven't told you everything. >> reporter: how those pieces fit together. this next story will mean something to you if you grew up in a part of the country with fireflies. turns out they may be disappearing. researchers are asking volunteers to count lightning bugs. roughly 700 volunteers counted fireflies in their area to see if the population is declining. s scientists are worried suburban small may be playing a role. firefly watching efforts have debuted online in 2008. after seven years without any baby flamingos at the san francisco zoo that has officially changed. here's a look at three little chicks that hatched over the last couple of days. curators say it's very hard to get flamingos to mate in
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captivity but this year it appears they found a strategy that worked quite well. >> we brought in a new group of ten flamingos from phoenix, and we actually gave them ten of ours to try to excite the group, and it seems to have worked. this pairings of a couple of our birds with theirs have produced chicks this year. >> the new chicks are so popular the two male flamingos are squabbling now over one of the babies, both trying to feed the baby, and the poor thing is stuffed, according to zoo officials. to celebrate the new arrivals the zoo is giving guests who wear pink a dollar off the admission price this holiday weekend. a sports competition in the east bay proves real men and women wear kilts. you're watching highlights of the scottish highland games at the ail need ga county fair grounds. events included the caber throw, a competition to see who can throw a tree trunk or in this case a thick wooden
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pole the farthest. let's see how he does. that's a winner. other events are the putting of the stone, which is kind of like shot-put except with a 17-pound rock. >> where do you practice that? >> wide-open spaces. the drama above ground. the unhappy reunion in store for one minertu underground in chile when he is finally rescued.
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crews will be back at an east bay landfill this morning hoping to find a missing hercules man. 11 million americans are out of work on this labor day holiday. see what the president is doing about it today. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura. i'm garvin thomas in for brent. let's get to ria taormina in for rob. she has a look at your holiday barbecue forecast. >> it will be a great one. hot and sunny pretty much everywhere, along the coast in the 70s. in the bay area, the 80s. inland the 90s. right now still warm in the mid to higher 50s. more coming up in a bit. back to you guys. thank you very much. police and volunteers will return to a landfill in pittsburg this morning to try to find the body of a missing man. this is the fourth d


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